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It’s Time for Mom and Dad to Downsize
Downsizing in 10  Steps

I’ve work with senior citizens for a very long time. One of my very first jobs was in a nursing home as a CNA. I moved on to other careers including my business, Rose Terrace Facilities, LLC. I have had plenty of discussions about seniors moving from the home they love, downsizing and decluttering. This can be very draining even if they are purchasing another home, the decluttering can take its toll.

What if your parent is moving to a senior living facility. The emotional toll of moving your elderly parent(s) to senior living is undiscribeable. I was blessed that I could care for both of my parents. Dad however towards the end had to be moved to a nursing facility for health reasons. We put the house for sale, which sold in about 2 weeks and we were not ready. Don't get me wrong we were decluttering their basement and their storage shed, but emotionally we were not ready. This was very hard on us, the adult children. Not only did we realize that everything had changed, but we were actually closing down our parents long time property they called home. It was years, years and more years of sentimental items and mementos. It was hard, heart-wrenching, and sad and we couldn't let go. This caused the purging to grind to a halt. We ended up with stuff in my basement, & stuff in my brothers basement. We were too close to the stituation and our emotions took over. We could not fathom getting rid of our parents furniture, clothing and other personal belongings. Well time went on, and Dad passed. Not to long after that I decided to close my businesses and move to Florida. I had to face the fact it was time to purge and I mean purge. I had my stuff, from my kids which were now adults and my parents stuff. I had several yard sales, massive give-aways, and goodwill donations. The whole purging process took about 3 weeks. The move to Florida, that's a whole different conversation.

Through experience I can give you a few suggestions to make your downsizing smoother and tips to make it easier.

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